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STM32F407ZET6 and 4.3" 480(RGB)*272 TFT with Touch screen

Question asked by thomas.roy.001 on Oct 3, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2016 by FTITI.Walid
I have a STM32F407 board and I need to drive 480*272 TFT with touch. I am new to TFT and Graphics.
After some reading/Googling I have decided to use STemWin for the graphics which ST provides free. I plan to start work from a CubeSTM32F4 example with STemwin Hello world example. I plan to use parrellel 6800 interface between LCD and MCU which I belive can be implemented by modifying low level functions in the Cube example.
On going through the examples in CubeF4, it seems to me that other than the simple Hallo world, other examples are implemented on a board with external SD RAM.
So I would like to know weather my hardware and software plan is ok for a decent UI. My TFT LCDS is with built in Driver RA8875 chip. 6800 8/16 bit interface is also available.
 My UI is for a machine where I need to do some settings menu, buttons and some parameters display.
Please give some inputs regarding the pros and cons I need to be aware before choosing hardware and software.
Other than the display, the tasks we need to handle in the device is RS485 reception and some control operations which is not at all a huge task compared to UI.