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STM32F429 Discovery Micro Franework USB Driver

Question asked by dimond.phillip on Feb 21, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2014 by dimond.phillip
I wonder if I could get some advice. I'm trying the Discovery board with the .NET MF package. I've programmed the board OK (it shows the Discovery welcome message on the LCD), installed the USB driver (after turning off signature enforcement).

The driver shows fine in the device manager as shown in the manual but Visual Studio 2012 (Premium) does not show it in the USB Device list for deployment. Is there a package that I need to run for VS2012 to let is know how to talk to the USB driver? I've tried all the usual reboots, admin mode for VS2012, USB 2 and USB ports, etc.

Environment is Windows 8.1 Pro on a Gigabyte Haswell laptop.

Thanks for any help.