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L3GD20 gyroscope sensitivity

Question asked by peltier.romain on Jan 14, 2014

I would like to know : how did you calculate the L3GD20 sensitivity (LSB/dps) in the example?

#define L3G_Sensitivity_250dps    (float)114.285f        /*!< gyroscope sensitivity with 250 dps full scale [LSB/dps]  */
#define L3G_Sensitivity_500dps    (float)57.1429f        /*!< gyroscope sensitivity with 500 dps full scale [LSB/dps]  */
#define L3G_Sensitivity_2000dps   (float)14.285f         /*!< gyroscope sensitivity with 2000 dps full scale [LSB/dps] */

What does the "f" mean ? Because I tried to calculate these values and I found : 262.144 LSB/dps for a 250 dps full scale, 131.072 LSB/dps for a 500 dps full scale and 32.768 LSB/dps for a 2000 dps full scale. The 16 bit output data is expressed as two's complement so : Sensitivity (LSB/dps) = 2^16 (bit) / FullScale(dps).

Thank you in advance for your time.

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