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Question asked by traud.jason on Sep 26, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2016 by bauch.aaron.001
I'm looking at bringing up a VCP on an STM32F7 using the Nulceo-F746ZG development board.

Now, after running the CubeMX tools it seems all the magic is happening in the CDC_Receive_FS and CDC_Transmit_FS functions in the generated usbd_cdc_if.c file. 

Just to be sure that this basic example is working, I added "CDC_Transmit_FS(Buf, *Len);" just before the return in CDC_Receive_FS. The purpose is to have a simple loop-back so I can load up a terminal and see the bytes go back and forth. 

Now, when I load up Device Manager, I can see "STMicroelectronics STLink Virutal COM Port (COM8)".

When I open a terminal program and target COM8, nothing is returned. 

This method in doing a loop-back should work, right? Or could it be non-functional because a transmit call is in the receive function?