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Start-up state of L3GD20 and SPI bus

Question asked by wolcott.thomas on Jan 10, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2014 by Thiago.Reis@ST
On power-up, does this gyroscope come up in operating, sleep, or power-down mode (i.e., when all SPI peripherals in my instrument are powered up by a common bus, how much is the gyro drawing?

The datasheet says that Vdd may be disconnected (powering off measurement functions) but if Vdd-IO is maintained the (SPI) bus "is not blocked."  I assume this means that SDO and SDI are not pulled low by the powered-down gyro.  What is current drain from Vdd-IO when Vdd is off?

I plan to use this gyro to measure slow (even < 1dps) rotation of an oceanographic drifter.  Can you reassure a mere biologist that this is an appropriate device?


Tom Wolcott
Professor Emeritus