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STM32L073: RTC Wakeup event not exiting STANDBY mode

Question asked by Howell.Conner on Sep 22, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2016 by Howell.Conner
I have the development board for the STM32L073 and have been testing the functionality of the board regarding waking up from STANDBY mode. I have been able to get it to wakeup only use the IWTG funcitonality. I have NOT been able to get it to wakeup from a WKUP pin rising edge or an RTC wakeup event. I believe that I have it configured properly:

- System Wakeup 1 is being used (pin PA0)

- RTC Wakeup clock is set to RTCCLK / 16 (using 37k LSI oscillator)
--> Wakeup counter set to 11563 (approx. 5 seconds)
--> RTC global interrupt enabled

Am I missing something in the configuration using CubeMX? Is there some code that I need to write in addition to what is generated?

The only code the I have in the USER CODE BEGIN 2 section is the following:

So I am expecting the green LED to come on for 2 seconds, off for 3 seconds, and keep repeating, but the green LED just stays off. IOC file attached.