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DfuSe Problem with STM32L0 73 on chip usb bootloader

Question asked by koervers.maximilian on Sep 22, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2018 by Amel N
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I have a Problem with the DfuSe Demo (v3.05) and the STM32L073CZT  on chip bootloader.

It is not possible to upload or down Load from/to the InternalFlash.

Downloading or Uploading the DATA Memory is possible.

I have tried it with our own borad and a nucleo board both the same problem!

Does anyone knows what the problem is?

Is it a Problem from the STM32L073CZT  chip or from the DfuSe Software?


The X for Readable Writeable and Eraseable are missing for flash memory (we have no protection activated ).



today i tested it with the DFU Tester (v3.0.1).

there the Flash is also shown as not readable writeable.

but it is possible to write or erase the Flash, also leave dfu mode works.