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USB Composite Device Driver

Question asked by Lori B. on Sep 19, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2016 by Lori B.
Hi all, for my project I developed an USB composite device (MSC + CDC) based on an STM32F2.
Since ST doesn't provide an example of a composite device based on the HAL, it wasn't so easy to have my device working, but I did it, also thanks to the help received on this forum.
During my development, I modified the .inf driver file of ST's virtual COM. I assigned a random PID in the ST group (0x5741) with the proper interface for the CDC (&MI_01).
Everything works fine but now I have some questions related to the driver.

My modified driver isn't signed, of course, but I'm able to install it on Windows 7. It isn't so easy to install an unsigned driver on Windows 8/10 though..
It would be a huge effort for me to go through a full Microsoft driver validation and signing process..

So my question is, does ST somehow provide a signed driver for composite devices, since it's possible to develop composite devices with STM32 products, out of the box?
Is there another easier way to obtain my signed driver for my STM32 device, rather than going through the whole process?