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Nucleo-L476RG + CubeMX 4.16.1 + FW L4 1.5.1 + Keil uVision5.21

Question asked by pdu-fr on Sep 17, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2016 by FTITI.Walid

I would like to develop with the STM32L476RG and I have tried a few IDE without success. Everything is up to date.

Building the project fails with KEIL : 

*** Using Compiler 'V5.06 update 3 (build 300)', folder: 'C:\Keil_v5\ARM\ARMCC\Bin'
Build target 'xxxxxx'
FCARM - Output Name not specified, please check 'Options for Target - Utilities'
Target not created.
Build Time Elapsed:  00:00:00

Building the project fails with SW4STM32. I have found a workaround (modify .ld : "RAM1" to "RAM").

Building the project fails with TRUESTUDIO (same error as SW4STM32). Same workaround (modify .ld).

I suspect that CubeMX simply doesn t not produce working project for this chip.