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MicroXplorer v3.2 - GPIO Alternate Function Configuration

Question asked by mirsky.daniel on Feb 8, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2014 by mirsky.daniel
Looking at the tutorial for MicroXplorer (UM1568) page 32 figure 38 shows the GPIO configuration for USART pins. In the figure, the USART pins are set to either Input or Output GPIO pins. I was under the impression that they should be set to alternate function mode, "For other peripherals: Configure the desired I/O as an alternate function in the GPIOx_MODER register" (RM0090, Doc ID 018909 Rev 5, page 269).

In MicroXplorer and in software, should USART and other peripheral pins be configured as Input/Ouput or as Alternate Function?
Also, why does MicroXplorer not configure them as Alternate Function by default (assuming that is the correct configuration)?

On a side-note, are there any estimates of when a new release of MicroXplorer (with peripheral configuration) will be released?