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STM3240G-EVAL - Demonstration Builder

Question asked by #DIV/0! on Feb 7, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2014 by #DIV/0!
I have a STM3240G-EVAL:
   Evaluation board for STM32F407 line - with STM32F407IG MCU.

I am trying to decide on an RTOS, toolchain, libraries, … for a new project where we selected an STM32F4 as the processor.

I found the following two documents interesting:
  *  UM1549 - User manual STM32 Demonstration Builder
  *  UM1550 - User manual STM32 Demonstration Builder developer guide

This package seems to support all the peripherals and modules I need: Ethernet, USB, Preemptive RTOS, File System, …
I was thinking that finding a development solution  (RTOS, toolchain, libraries, …) was going to be difficult, but now it seems that ST may be making my life easy.
UM1550 excerpt:
The STM32 Demonstration Builder platform is a completely new way to deliver a
demonstration that can also be fully or partly reused in real applications.

My Questions:

* Does anyone else have experience with this approach (of ‘porting’ the Demonstration Builder to a real product)?

* What are the disadvantages of this approach?

* Are there licensing costs, or requirements (like code-sharing) that are associated with this solution?