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Problem with STM32F072RB and Cube Library

Question asked by dammin.nicolas on Sep 8, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2016 by Burton.Mark
Hello guys,

I wanted to make a new project for my STM32F072RB using the Cube Library.

I'm programming in Eclipse with GNU ARM Eclipse plugin, ARM GCC compiler and OpenOCD together with an ST-Link V2.

When I use the STD Peripheral Library, everything works fine. I can program my code, compile and debug it without any issue.

Now I wanted to port my code to Cube. So I configured everything in CubeMX and compiled the code without errors.

When I use the internal 8 MHz clock, the code will flash and run. But when I try to enable the HSE, PLL or the internal 48 MHz crystal, I get an error. It seems that the controller locks up completely because I can't access the chip via SWD. I have to reset the chip with the ST-Link Utility tool to get access again. So seems to be an issue with the clock configuration.

Is this a known bug of the Cube Library? As I wrote before, it works perfectly with the STD Periph Lib!

I also have some STM32F103RB/C Chips and they work nicely with the Cube Library. So the only problem is the combination of STM32F0 and Cube lib.

Does someone know what the problem is? I'd appreciate any helpful information.

Best regards
Nicolas Dammin