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STM32429I-EVAL Drivers & Example software?

Question asked by jab on Feb 6, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2014 by jab

I've recently started developing on the STM32429I-EVAL board. The user manual mentions 'demonstration software', but I'm unable to find the source online.

I'm fairly new to developing for ST boards, am I right in thinking all I need is the StdPeriph files to get started? I know Keil has introduced the 'Pack' scheme but I can't seem to find a pack for this board. The built in Keil 'blinky' example works for this board but doesn't appear to use the StdPeriph drivers, which I think I'll need to use for access to more peripherals.

I've tried using the StdPeriphLib (version 1.3) and attempted to load the template Keil example with the SAI_Audio example. I get the error:
Error: L6218E: Undefined symbol IOE_WriteIOPin (referred from stm324xg_eval_audio_codec.o). I've included stm324x9i_eval_ioe8.h and stm324x9i_eval_ioe16.h.

Any tips on how to get up and running with Keil & StdPeripDrivers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.