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XferCpltCallback member in DMA_HandleTypeDef

Question asked by kleier.hermann on Sep 2, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2016 by kleier.hermann
The documentation (DOCID027704 Rev 5) states

At the end of data transfer HAL_DMA_IRQHandler() function is executed and user can add his own function by customization of function pointer XferCpltCallback and XferErrorCallback (i.e. a member of DMA handle structure).

I have used this feature for the STM32L0xx but it does not work for STM32L4xx any longer. This is because HAL_DMA_init() zeroes the pointers. I am aware that I can still override the weak callback handlers. Are the callback pointers zeroed on purpose and is the documentation outdated? Is the use of  DMA_HandleTypeDef for setting callback pointers deprecated?