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STM32F4 Discovery OTG-Host with HID-Device: only one Dataset

Question asked by reichmuth.wenzel on Feb 6, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2014 by reichmuth.wenzel

I am using USB OTG Lib 2.1.0 with STM32F4 Discovery Board.
The Setup is Host-Mode to connect to HID-Devices.
It works fine with Mouse. It also works with a Joystick, which is detected as Composite Device of 3 HID-Devices (Mouse, Keyboard, Joystick), when bridging HID-init.
I am using the raw-data from the Joystick (2char x, 2char y, 2char z, char buttons)

Another Joystick, which is similiar to the other one, quits communication after two valid Datasets.
Initialization and enumeration works fine but after second Request in USBH_HID_Handle() there is no response from HID-Device (no URB_DONE).

I am really new to this library. So any ideas whats the problem?