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Cubemx sdcard problem

Question asked by Parker.Marcus on Aug 31, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2016 by d-chris

I am creating a project using Nucleo F401RE and cubemx and visualgdb.

I've got a problem where there seems to be a clash between eeprom on spi and a 4bit sdio sdcard. I've got them working independently and together but on their own.
When in the same project if I add buttons (interrupts) and leds and an lcd (outputs) they still work but if I try adding any of adc/timer/rtc/i2c/usart the problem occurs.

I can either have:
eeprom read/write and just sdcard erase.
No eeprom functions and sdcard read/write/erase.

If I try having both the project always fails in sd mount returning a wrong number of volumes, including if I have sdcard function in the project but not used, i.e. on a button press.

I know it’s not the heap/stack, hardware or shared variables and I’ve tried changing the order of inits.

Does anyone know of any possible bugs that may have happened in cubemx generation? Any help would be much appreciated.