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LSM330DLC data sheet questions

Question asked by luttrell.shane on Nov 7, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2017 by Miroslav B

I need to configure a LSM330DLC in a way outlined in the DT0005 document.  Essentially, on data ready interrupts (INT1_A) from the accelerometer feed into the DEN_G pin, telling the gyro to push a conversion onto the gyro FIFO.  In this way, acceleration and gyro data are aligned (I think).

In addition, I want to have a FIFO watermark interrupt as well as an interrupt to wake my board up upon movement.

I believe I need to setup three interrupts sources:
1) INT1_A to be I1_DRDY1 (or is it I1_DRDY2?)  Which one does what?
2) INT2_A to fire upon a motion detection event.  I believe I see how to do this with INT1_A, but I need it to happen on INT2_A.
3) A FIFO watermark interrupt to fire from the gyro side (INT2_G).  This one I have figured out, but need INT1_A/DEN_G working before I can fully test it.

More to the point-
1) In table 18, there are INT2_CFG_A, SOURCE_A, etc registers, but I see no mention of them in the section 8 description.  Does anyone know how to configure INT2 on the accelerometer.
2) What is the difference between DRDY1 and DRDY2? (See table 26).  In short, how do I make INT1_A fire upon every accel conversion?
3) The text after table 43 "The content of this register is loaded at boot?"  OK, so if I want to change it do I need to reboot for the changes to take place?  I also do not see in table 18 which registers are actually loaded at boot.
4) If I am doing it properly, rebooting does not appear to wipe out FIFO count.  Is this the correct behavior.
5) What does Figure 20 mean?

Thank you in advance for your help,