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STM32F4Discovery MEMS example won't output values

Question asked by mcdougle.jim on Jan 29, 2014
I'm running the MEMs example from


using uVision / MDK-ARM and I'm not getting any changing values when the read function is being called on the SysTick interrupt. I am waving it around and tapping on it but not getting anything.

LIS302DL_Read(Buffer, LIS302DL_OUT_X_ADDR, 6);
printf("values : %d %d\n", Buffer[0], Buffer[2]);

values : 171 198

0xAB, 0xC6

These are the values that come through all the time. I've stepped into 




but there's not conditional or information on how to see if it's failed. I have two of these board so I also tested on another board and it's the same. I think when I first got the board this was the application running on it so I don't think there is a hardware issue.