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[STM32L4] [FMC-NAND_FLASH] Integrating NAND Flash with FatFS

Question asked by bhayani.sunny on Aug 24, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2016 by bhayani.sunny

I am using STM32L4 and have generated code from CubeMX for FMC-NAND Flash along with FatFS (User-defined) options enabled.

But the User-defined FatFS calls are empty (USER_initialize(), etc) in the user_diskio.c.

I understand that the logic for this needs to be implemented for NAND Flash using the API's provided in the stm32l4xx_hal_nand.c.

But it would really be great if someone can share any documents or sample code or application note for the same.

Also, from this link, it is mentioned that there is a bug in the HAL_NAND_Address_Inc(), and it is reported to ST Internal Team, but there is no confirmation about the suggested fix. It would be great if the bug is valid and there exists a solution for it.