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SPI3 problem with STM32f4- discovery and stm32f103

Question asked by mrdjan.miroslav on Jan 27, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2014 by mrdjan.miroslav
I have problem with SPI3 and st-link debugger. CLK pin is always unaveilable.

I configure MCU to not use JTDO but in debug mode when I look at AFIO register there is written some other value for SWJ_CFG(always 0x50) and I want it to be 0x20.

I already work with SPI1 and SPI2 and they work perfect in interrupt and non-interrupt mode.

How to solve problem?

there is little code:

     tmp = AFIO->MAPR;
     tmp &= 0xF8FFFFFF;
     AFIO->MAPR = tmp;     
  DBGMCU->CR &= ~DBGMCU_CR_TRACE_IOEN; //disable async trace for every case

it works same as GPIO_PinRemapConfig(GPIO_Remap_SWJ_JTAGDisable, ENABLE); 

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