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STLink utility : "No STLink detected"

Question asked by chambonnet.maxime on Aug 16, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2016 by chambonnet.maxime
Hello, I have trouble setting a STLink, been looking alone for days but still have no solution. The sensitive points in my opinion will be underlined.
I have a hard time posting photos here because of the max file size.

I am using a STLink sawn-off from a Nucleo-L053R8 board, MB1136 revC.
I want to access a STM32F427 custom board.

The STLink and custom board both boot and are recognized in Windows device manager as STLink debug/STLink virtual COM port and serial USB respectively.

When both boards are powered via USB, trying to connect in STLink utility issues a pop-up "No STLink detected".

The wiring used is SWCLK, GND and SWDIO.
(I assumed that the closest pin to the CN12 jumper, on the CN4 connector, was the 3.3V target.)
I removed CN2 jumpers.

I installed ST-Link/V2 v3.9.0 and since repaired it.
It installed drivers. Trying to get a connection, afterward I replaced drivers with ones from Zadig, I then removed drivers from the device manager, and reinstalled the drivers from STSW-LINK009 amd64.exe.

I still have not managed to connect with st link utility once, even when I try to connect back to the nucleo chip as described in UM1724...

As I understood that Clive1 does a huge job helping others, I will thank him a lot, or anyone that would chime in, for their time spent helping here.