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Combining Firmware Examples

Question asked by greenwood.greg on Aug 16, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2016 by greenwood.greg
I have the example projects compiling, loading, and running from the F4xx firmware repository and it works perfectly.  I am using the lwip from project > application and wish to add control over a PWM output.  I took example code from the TIMOUPUT example after compiling and running as a stand-alone project and it works great.  Very easy to follow.  However when I move the init code into the lwip project the TIM3 outputs are not working.  I moved everything into main to start with just like it sits in the TIMOUTPUT example and watched during debug to see that the TIM3 registers are not changing from the default power up state after the HAL init call.  The only thing that I can see different between the two projects prior to the TIM3 init code is the startup_stm32f429xx.s files have slightly different heap and stack sizes.  Has anyone tried merging example code with success or has anyone run into trouble and fixed it.  I am stuck.