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STEVAL-IHM028V1 Motor Demo Board - STGIPS20K60

Question asked by johnson.joel.001 on Apr 25, 2013
I'm integrating the STEVAL-IHM028V1  Motor Amplifier Eval Board to an existing Controller and Three Phase BLDC Motor.  The Controller and Motor work properly with another amplifier, but intermittenlty with the STEVAL amp.  The motor will spin at times and once spinning runs very well.  However, more often than not, the motor will not start spinning with the amp.  There is little to know current draw from the amp board.  I've verified that I've got a High signal to one of the High Side Gates and a low to one of the other legs Low Side Gates, but the phase drives are not active.  It looks like some shutdown logic (current limit, etc.) must be engaging, but I've changed the jumper setting to ensure OCP is off.  Also, I monitored the SD pin on the module and it's high meaning no shutdown.  There is something I'm missing here.  Any help is appreciated.