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stemwin gui without external ram

Question asked by eb3484 on Aug 9, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2016 by eb3484
I want to use stemwin gui library with my stm32f429 board without any external ram for driving 320*240 tft LCD, so i will use mcu internal ram. when i use "GUI_DispString("Hello world!")" function , i can not see anything on the screen. For discovery board there is a external sdram and in "LCDConf.c" file the frame buffer is defined as :

#define LCD_LAYER0_FRAME_BUFFER  ((uint32_t)0xD0200000)

So, if this is the problem for my board ( i am not sure), what must this value be ? Any advise ?     ( when i use the value " 0x20000000 for buffer adress that is the mcu internal ram adress, the code crashes.)