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STM32F3 Discovery USB driver in Windows

Question asked by pedersen.michael.002 on Jan 21, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2014 by pedersen.michael.002

I am playing around with STM32F3 Discovery and have finally got everything up and running in Eclipse wiht arm plugin and everything. BUT the user USB annoys me. I am aware that many others have have asked for something similar, but since I was not satisfied with any anwser I could find on this thing called the Internet. I will try to explain the problem again and hopefully meet an expert here.

Basically everything is set up like in the ST-Demo example. I have just added som USB-stuf and state like:
 while (UserButtonPressed == 0x03) {
         if (bDeviceState == CONFIGURED)     {


                        /* Check to see if we have data yet */
                        if (Receive_length  != 0)

                             int i;
                             for (i = 0; i < Receive_length; i++) {
                                  localBuffer[i] = Receive_Buffer[i];

                             CDC_Send_DATA(localBuffer, Receive_length);

                             Receive_length = 0;

In Windows 7 (have tried it on Win 7 Enterprise x64 and Pro x64) the device gets recognized as a STM32 Virtual COM Port, which should be okay. But there is no drivers for this thing?! And yeees, I have installed the drivers from:
But it seems to have no effect. The simple "LED-handshake-indicator" - yes, I call it that :-)
Shows that the device never gets configured.

The story is different if I plug it in a Linux computer. Now the device gets recognized as a SGS Thomson Microelectronics joystick - WTF?! But now the device gets configured and starts to receive data... But still... it is seen as a joystick?! And I would like the windows driver to work. Why isn't there a way just to download the *.inf and possible *.dlls for this device from STs site?!

What is wrong here?!?

Please help...

Kind regards,