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stm32l432 / openocd

Question asked by brown.geoffrey.001 on Aug 2, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2016 by brown.geoffrey.001
I'm starting a project with the stm32l432.   In order to use openocd I had to tweak the sources slightly.   

1)  Picked up a version that supports other stm32l4 processors  from 
2) modified flash/nor/stm32l4x.c at line 620 adding a case for the device id
      case 0x415:
      case 0x435
3) You may need to modify stm32l4x.cfg   adding a case for _BSTAPID1 0x06435041  -- not sure since I did this first and found I had to make the mod at (2).

In any case, with these mods I was able to use openocd to program and debug (with gdb) my stm32l432 nucleo 32 board.