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STM32-MAT release 4.3 USART3 Block and UF4VGTx_OneADC Example

Question asked by zhu.florence on Jul 29, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2016 by zhu.florence

Has anyone worked with STM32-MAT release 4.3 on the ADC examples? Could anyone tell me how one can run this example and get the ADC reading via USART3 block back to simulink host PC?

I am not sure if this example is intended to run as PIL or External Mode, but both failed. If I just run this example, build model, and open the project via MDK IDE. I can compile and run this matlab generated firmware. I modified the project to give me a LED blink when the ADC reading is above a thresh hold I set, and it worked properly so I think ADC is reading functions properly, but I still don't know how to retrieve the precise ADC readout. 

The main issue is I need to retrieve the precise ADC voltage read out value from USART3 block, to the PC. There is no detail or instruction on how this could be done. 

has anyone play with this and could shed some light? Thank you!