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Solved: M24SR not working when soldering headers :(

Question asked by kazola on Mar 20, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2014 by kazola
Hi everybody!

It's my first post here and it's my first time working with STMicroElectronics stuff so please be aware I will probably ask very simple or even stupid questions. Please have some patience with me! :)

By the way, I just received my M24SR antenna suite. It is nice :) In their initial state, I can write and read all M24SR tags in there by using the NXP TagWriter Android Application. No problem, several times, everything is ok.

However, when I solder some headers to the boards. I can only write it down once, and then when trying to read it says "this item is used, blocked, or not supported and cannot contain an NFC data set". I feel strange about this, since I have not even messed with passwords and so on. The soldering is nice and this happened with two different boards.

So, what I'm not taking into account? My plans are to interface a M24SR to an external MCU (microcontroller) so for first steps I need to wire some of this headers.

Ok, let me know your opinions! I attach some photos of my case


I will be waiting for your answers! See you soon.