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LPS331AP reference software

Question asked by cooper.michael.002 on Nov 6, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2015 by J
I have been having some trouble getting up and running with the LPS331AP. Using a logic analyzer, I've verified that the sequence of commands given in AN4159 section 5.1.1 (one shot mode measurement sequence) is being sent to the device. However, when I retrieve a measurement from the sensor, the 2-byte temperature measurement is always CC CC and the 3-byte pressure measurement is always 6D 6D 6D. The sensor takes about 40 ms to return this answer, so it seems that the update rate is correct at least.

AN4159 section 6.2.2 also mentions the existence of "a list of C source files that provide the baseline in initializing, configuring and performing measurements with the pressure sensor." However, I have not been able to find these files. If anyone knows where I can find these, I think the might be a big help in eliminating potential errors.

Alternatively, if the problem I've described above sounds familiar, any other information would be very much appreciated.