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clock stability, and sampling rate on LSM9DS0

Question asked by rickygee on Oct 26, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2014 by rickygee
There are no figures for clock stability over time and temperature. These are going to effect the sample rate times. For example, if the accelerometer DOR is 100Hz, what spread can be expected. I take it that in all of the three sensors types, that the time from commencing a conversion to the Interrupt, the time is roughly the reciprocal of the DOR. Is this true for the Magnetometer, where I assume the Set/Reset takes a fixed time during every sample, irrespective of the DOR. I am wanting to have a fixed data update rate of 100Hz, generated from the host processor, has anyone done this sort of thing, or are you just free running the LSM9DS0, and accepting the rate programmed into it? I accept that I will only get an effective 50Hz from the magnetometer at the rate I require. I am new to this device, have used analogue parts previously, where I could get better control of the sampling rate.
Any comments would be much appreciated,