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st429 Disco Expansion Board

Question asked by vader.darth on Dec 20, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2014 by vader.darth
Hi ;)

I finally get all the material for build my little expansion board.
I have now 16Mb External SDRAM and a Direct VGA output.
We can use a 512k x 16Bits SRAM too but is not necessary , i think with a total of 24Mb SDRAM we can do allot ;)
Actually i am cleaning my code and i will post it when finished.
Everything is working very well , i use a Wii Classic controller with I2C and 2 x TM1638 with 48 Buttons in SPI :)
It's just bad that the SDIO port just have the D0 pin free, i use then my SD Card in 1 bit mode.
The most difficult was to remade a graphics library , the ST example is so buggy that it was unusable :(
So , for more info you can take a look here :
Disco expansion board


PS : i have see a Linux port for the st429 Disco board around , i think this expansion can help with the more memory ;)