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Beginner programmer...EASY Question...Trying to understand timers and interrupts

Question asked by rodriguez.marco on Dec 20, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2013 by Clive One
Im trying to configure a timer on my STM32F3 discovery board. I want to generate an interrupt at approximately a 128khz rate. My partner claims that the code below would do this but im not understanding how or why??? Can someone explain the significance of each of these lines of code below and how in the world they help achieve the 128khz rate?

Also, my Timer 6 input clock and System Core Clock are at 72Mhz.

TIM6->CR1 = 0x0001; 
TIM6->CR2 = 0x0000; 
TIM6->DIER = 0x0001; 
TIM6->PSC = 0x0010; 
TIM6->ARR = 0x0021; 

so far all I know is this...

       TIM6->CR1 = 0x0001; //set the timer counter configuration register 1 to equal 1…

TIM6->CR2 = 0x0000; //set the timer capture configuration register 2 to equal 0…

TIM6->DIER = 0x0001; //set the timer control register to 1…this enables the update interrupt 

TIM6->PSC = 0x0010; //setting the prescale register to 16…divides the clock source by 16

TIM6->ARR = 0x0021; //Set the timer auto-reload register to 33…