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Getting started with stm3210e-EVAL

Question asked by Sam_Tlse on Jun 28, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2016 by Sam_Tlse
Hi everybody,

I am trying to use the stm3210e-eval with IAR (7.70). I have downloaded the demonstration software and followed the readme instructions.

    - Open the STM3210E-EVAL_Demo.eww workspace
    - Rebuild all files: Project->Rebuild all
    - Load project image: Project->Debug
    - Run program: Debug->Go(F5)

When I launch the debug, I have a fatal error "Cannot connect to J-Link via USB".
The board is connected as USB and the screen and the LEDs are On but I do not see the board in the Windows device manager so I am not sure it is well detected although I installed the USB driver STSW-LINK009 is installed.

Does someone know how to fix the problem ? Thanks very much for your help :)