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CubeMX 4.15.1 (with F7 1.4.0) broke the UART

Question asked by wired on Jun 25, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2016 by AvaTar
My UART interface was working great under CubeMx 4.14 with STM32F7 library v1.3.  There are a lot of changes to the UART HAL (not mentioned in the release notes for CubeMx, and there are no release notes for CubeF7) in the v1.4 release.  ST even changed a structure member name from State to gState.  I thought this might be the only issue, but my UART interface does not work at all under the new configuration.  I am really growing weary of 'upgrades' causing things to break.  Looking at the Hal code, there are significant changes between the two versions. Sure would be nice to know what they were trying to 'fix'. The CubeMx interface is suppoed to save developers time, not cause them to waste days trying to figure out why a working application no longer works simply from updating CubeMX.