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STM32F103 family branch from my Application to Bootloader in System Memory

Question asked by Neumann.Andreas on Jun 23, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2016 by Clive One
I am trying to branch to the STM bootloader from my application, but it doesn't work. I use the STM32F103VFT6 and USART1. If I pull-up the pin BOOT0 and then switch on the power supply, the Flash Loader Demonstrator gets contact to the STM32F103VFT6 with 11520 Baud, 8 data bits, even parity, 1 stop bit.
I checked the hints in AN2606:
- Disable all peripheral clocks
- Disable used PLL
- Disable interrupts
- Clear pending interrupts
- Start address of bootloader: 0x1FFF.E000

And then I want to branch with this C / assembly code:
  SCB->VTOR = 0x1FFFE000;                  // Vector table relocation in system

  __asm ("movw r0, #0xE000");
  __asm ("movt r0, #0x1FFF");
  __asm ("ldr  sp, [r0, #0]");                        // Set main stack pointer of bootloader

  __asm ("movw r0, #0xE004");
  __asm ("movt r0, #0x1FFF");
  __asm ("bx   r0");                                      // Branch to bootloader
That results in hard fault and the debugger finds me in that interrupt handler.

Can you help me to find my mistake? Thanks in advance!