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STM32CubeMX Bug Report: User Constants Checking differs between HEX and Decimal

Question asked by todor.todorov on Jun 19, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2016 by STM32Cube-T

While using STM32CubeMX version 4.15.1, I noticed the following error:

When creating user constants, the entered values are checked for size as unsigned integer, if entered as decimals, but as signed integers when entered as hexadecimals.

Steps to verify:
1) Create a project and choose a DISCOVERY board as target (I chose STM32F429I-DISCO)
2) Enable the LTDC and FMC -> SDRAM peripherals
3) Configure the clock options
4) Go to the Configuration tab
5) Open the FMC peripheral configuration and create a user constant "SDRAM_START_ADDRESS". Enter 0xD0000000 as its value.

When confirmed with OK, the UI will display an error dialog with the message "Value is not valid!". But if the constant value is changed to 3489660928, the change is accepted and the constant is added to the project.

Just to confirm, I tried adding 0x7fffffff and 0x80000000 as a test. As expected 0x7fffffff is accepted without problems, but 0x80000000 produces the same error message as stated above.

Expected resolution: Values entered as hex should be checked as unsigned integers, same as values entered as decimals.