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Executing Code from NOR Flash connected Externally

Question asked by Bhuvanesh Subramanian on Jun 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2016 by Bhuvanesh Subramanian
I have an STM32F4xx device connected to NOR Flash on Bank 1. I am aware that NOR flash cannot Boot from Power-up, So a Boot Code from Internal Flash has to do some Init for the NOR Interface and then Jump. I need sample code or any Application Note which shows how to Config the NOR to execute code, how application to be Build i.e. the ROM address for Code if we are going to Remap the NOR to 0x0000 0000, How is Interrupt vector table addressed in this scenario, and also the Debug (I am using IAR and J-link). And also I have doubt that while CPU is fetching the instruction from NOR flash can it also perform a Write Operation on other sectors for Data storage. A Note on what all should be taken care in Boot and In application to get the Best performance will be great.