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Maximum data thoughput on TCP/IP using LwIP?

Question asked by Miguel on Jun 9, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2016 by Miguel
I plan to use an STM32F207 for data acquisition, as a TCP/IP server, using LwIP. The data would come from an FPGA using a parallel bus (F207 has FSMC for external SRAM and similar).
Does anybody have an idea of the maximum throughput using LwIP and the embedded MAC?
So far, I am reaching 30 Mb/s, using a 8051 (AT89S8253 at 24 MHz and 2 Minstructions/s), a WizNET W5100 offload processor (in parallel mode except during configuration), and a DMA transfer from the FPGA to the W5100. I am wondering whether passing through the STM32F207 is a viable option.
I have read some comments suggesting that the integration of LwIP in the ST library is buggy and works only at very low data rate: can anybody tell from experience?