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Newbie Q: Getting just GPIO to work with STM32CubeF0

Question asked by Aggarwal.Gaurav.004 on Jun 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2016 by Aggarwal.Gaurav.004
I am just getting started on STM32 micro-code development for a custom board built around the STM32F072. I downloaded the CubeF0 and was able to build a few sample projects.

I now want to extract just the GPIO parts (stm32f0xx_hal_gpio.c) and use that with my main.c but it appears that I need to include and link many other HAL parts as well. What is the bare minimum and how do I start turning off un-needed pieces?

For example, I think GPIO needs RCC to set peripheral clock. Which is fine. But then "hal_rcc.c" requires that I need "hal_rcc_ex.h" (extended) also otherwise compile error. Then I need to include "hal_gpio_ex.h" as well. It doesn't seem to stop. More and more header and .C files are required.

Any tips appreciated. Thanks a bunch.