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STM32F4 Discovery Schematics and Board in Altium/Protel format

Question asked by figley.curtis on Nov 23, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2013 by Amel N
Hi Everybody!
I'm new to this forum and have not gotten familiar with all that is here, so if this is an old question, sorry...

Does anybody know where I can get the schematics and board layouts in Altium Designer or Protel for the 32F4Discovery boards (the main MCU board and if possible the standard daughter boards)?

ST has posted some of the bigger F4 dev board schematics and layouts in these formats, so it seems that some of their in-house designers must be use Altium in some variant.

It would be nice to get these so that I could compile the parts libraries and capture some of the design work that has already gone into the boards.

Any help or comments would be appreciated.