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Problem Compiling New "Hello World" IAR STM32L152RC Discovery Board project

Question asked by l.peter on Nov 21, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2013 by l.peter
Hello Everyone,

I'm new to the IAR Embedded Workbench IDE (IAR embedded workbench for arm V,  common components version  I have the STM32L152C discovery board and a "Hello World" sample project from STMicroelectronics I would like to compile using IAR.

This Hello World project, as is, compiles fine on IAR.  The problem is when I create a new project from scratch, re-useing all the exact same .c and .h files from the original project, I get a "Fatal Erro[PE1696]: cannot open source file "stm32l1xx.h".  

Under the Project->options -> C/C++ Compiler -> Preprocessor tab, I have ensured that the include directories are correct (i've used the same library paths as the original project) .  Under "Defined Symbols" within the same tab, I've ensured that the same defined symbols are set as the original project.  

Under Project->Options->General Options-> Library Configuration I have the "Use CMSIS" option checked as well.  

I hope that someone out there has run into the same problem in the past.  Thanks to the community for the help.