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USB transferring data in a composite device (DUAL CDC)

Question asked by el_alaoui.moulay_has on May 30, 2016
Latest reply on May 31, 2016 by el_alaoui.moulay_has

I have emulated two VCPs with only one USB Device. I can send data in one VCP that has the following Endpoint Address.

#define CDC_IN_EP                                   0x81  /* EP1 for data IN */#define CDC_OUT_EP                                  0x01  /* EP1 for data OUT */#define CDC_CMD_EP                                  0x82  /* EP2 for CDC commands */

I would like to know if it's possible to send data in the other VCP with other Endpoint Address like :

#define CDC_IN_EP3                                   0x83  /* EP3 for data IN */#define CDC_OUT_EP3                                  0x03  /* EP3 for data OUT */#define CDC_CMD_EP4                                  0x84  /* EP4 for CDC commands */

My problem is that addresses others than 0x81 don't allow me to send data over the second VCP. I'm using two CDC interfaces Full-Speed. Normally we can use 7 endpoints with CDC_FS and that's what I'm trying to do.. I have 6 Endpoints: 3 for each VCP and the seventh is Endpoint 0 for configuration.

Have I missed something in the Endpoints Configuration or in the Composite Device Descriptors ?

Thank you guys.