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uCLinux on STM32F429I-DISCO

Question asked by tmk on Nov 13, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2018 by Vaclav Zajic
Hi everybody,

I was very happy to see uCLinux port for Cortex-M4 and my favorite MCU STM32. This well done job was achieved by emcraft. So I wonder that is it possible to run uCLinux on my new toy STM32F429I-DISCO? I have started for it and some u-boot and kernel patching I finished my first job. You must known that code execution from SDRAM on STM32F4 much slower than from FLASH (~6x times slower). So in fact this core is not suitable code execution from SDRAM. But maybe you don't have any chance so you can accept this penalty. 
Than I modified the kernel to load romfs from flash, simple frame buffer driver, u-boot patching for SDRAM and LCD init functions. You can try and decide for yourself. This is boot-up and simple framebuffer demo video.

Emcraft original source git is (not including STM32F429I-DISCO board drivers)
Sample image attached to the post. This image contains u-boot, kernel and romfs. 
The serial console is USART3 and PC10->MCU TX, PC11->MCU RX. Don't forget that this interface has TTL levels.