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stm32f4 disc kit USB - FS core, Buffer settings to send 1Mbytes/sec to PC

Question asked by p.jagdish on Nov 13, 2013
Kindly help me getting this problem resolved
I am using STM32f4 disc kit . I want my disc kit to act as VCP when connected to PC.
I have reached to a stage where i am able to make the kit recognized by PC as a virtual com port and also am able to transmit and receive some data through USB-FS implementation.
My application demands that i should be able to send data with a speed of around 9 Mbits/sec. On th PC side, I am using Windows 7 - 32 bit
I am not getting of what value should i set in the following buffers in the firmware so that i can achieve my speed.
#define APP_RX_DATA_SIZE 2048

with the above settings i am able to transmit data to pc. But my actual need is to send 1Mbytes per second from disc kit to pc.
To achieve this kindly help me understand what all settings are required to be done.

thanks in advance.