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Multi-Channel ADC Configuration And ADC output Data differentiation corresponds to Specific Channel

Question asked by Manish on Nov 11, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2013 by Clive One
 I am working with STM32F4 Discovery with FreeRTOS and summon arm tool chain.I am sending ADC  data over serial Port using USB serial communication.I have write code to get ADC value in continuous conversion mode with ADC1 and channel 12.But now I have to perform Multi-channel conversion mode.So I have following Doubts please guide me regarding that

1) I have refered Datasheet of STM32F4 Discovery so I came tw know that there are 16 channel but out of them how many are available..?

2)I have to connect 6 sensors to ADC channels as below
         ADC_1 Channel_11(PC1) ----> Sensor1
         ADC_1 Channel_12(PC2) ----> Sensor2
         ADC_1 Channel_15(PC5) ----> Sensor3
         ADC_1 Channel_14(PC4) ----> Sensor4
         ADC_1 Channel_9 (PB1) ----> Sensor5
         ADC_1 Channel_8 (PB0) ----> Sensor6
So above Channels available or not...?

3) I have to get converted data from all channels .But how I can differentiate data of particular channels..?
i.e   when I have get data by statement below
 val= (int)ADC_GetConversionValue(ADC1); Then how I could Differentiate and Display Data of Particular channel..?

4) Suppose I Have to print 
          printf("Channel11_data %d\n",val); then
          printf("Channel12_data %d\n",val);
          printf("Channel_data8 %d\n",val);

For above thing to be done what are all the thing related to configuration and other I need to do..? plz guide me regarding that.