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Importing CubeMX Project Application

Question asked by greenwood.greg on May 18, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2017 by greenwood.greg
I have searched this site as well as others and still find no clear and concise instruction regarding import of project applications for the various boards in the CubeMX Repository.  Specifically I am working with the STM32F746G-Discovery and want to evaluate the LwIP application in the Projects folder.  Tried thus far:
1. generate project from CubeMX using the board with all IP for the STM32F746G-Discovery board / Import project in SW4STM32 / Compile good / Add by import of source files from Projects/Applications/LwIP / Compile fails with numerous errors
2. Import from Projects/Applications/LwIP / Compile fails with numerous errors mostly for includes missing.  They are not really missing, the include paths are incorrect.

I find no instructions in the Repository.  There are sparse tutorials but all either use different tools and process or all only refer to repo application code but use their own code which also fails to compile due to missing information.

Can someone either point me to the right place or provide clear steps to import project applications from the CubeMX Repo and successfully compile and run the application preferable with SW4STM32.