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CubeMX Feature Request - FreeRTOS alternate clock.

Question asked by reed.matthew.003 on May 12, 2016
Latest reply on May 16, 2016 by reed.matthew.003
In order to take full advantage of Tick-less Idle for Power-Saving I need to use an RTOS clock-source other than the SysTick.

I need to alter the system clock (FreeRTOS does not accommodate this), and to do STOP1 or STOP2 FreeRTOS can't be using the SysTick.

FreeRTOS has the flexibility to do this, but not only can I not implement this in CubeMX (which is OK, and understandable), CubeMX generates code I have to modify to make things work correctly.

Since I am using LPTIM1 as the clock source for FreeRTOS, I have allowed SysTick to drive HAL. But when I can't "turn off" SysTick for FreeRTOS and when I generate code CubeMX sticks osSystickHandler into the interrupt for SysTick.  osSystickHandler calls FreeRTOS's tick handler xPortSysTickHandler. None if these calls are structured in a way that I can remove them without altering code that is outside of the "user code" doman.

All I need is a flag I can set that says "Implement Your Own FreeRTOS Ticks" and then don't put the os SystickHandler call in.

Or - am I missing something? Maybe there already is a way to do this?