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STM32F446 FOC Motor Library 4.2 Compatibility

Question asked by mcfadyen.stephen.001 on May 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2016 by bird.sam
Hello everyone,

I was hoping to use this microcontroller with the ST Motor Control Workbench and associated FOC 4.2 library. It seems from the RN0085, that the STM32F446 family is not supported. The strange part is, the evaluation clearly has the motor controller interface connections and the ST Motor control workbench is configured based upon STM32Fxx devices. 

I've already created a board and would rather not downscale to the F405 series or similar devices, as I will need to modify the hardware. I chose the F446 because of the 4 SPI peripherals that I needed in the application. 

From the F446 datasheet, it seems that it is software compatible with some other devices, so can I just 'pretend' I am using the F405? What about if I try to use the 4th SPI peripheral in that case?

any insight would be much appreciated -