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Nucleo STM32F429ZI Blinky Clock

Question asked by greenwood.greg on May 6, 2016
Latest reply on May 18, 2016 by greenwood.greg
I have an LED Blink Hello world running using STM32CubeMX and AC6 for the Necleo-STM32F429ZI but I am unable correctly use CubeMX to configure different clock schemes.  The code uses a for loop to delay bewteen toggling the LED so different clock configs should change the blink rate.  For the first attempt I used HSI selection in the System Clock Mux.  the input clock (HSI RC) is fixed at 8MHz and the solder ball for the MRO clock from STLink chip is closed the resulting SYSCLK = 8MHz and the FCLK = 2MHz.  This all works.

When I change the clock to in the System Clock Mux to PLL with PLL source set to HSI with /M = "/4", *N = "X50", /P = "/2" the SYSCLK = 50MHz with FCLK = 12.5MHz.  This too works, however the blink rate has not changed.

When I attempt to speed up even more by changing the  *N value, and sometimes adjusting other values to remove errors (red highlighted clock blocks) the nucleo board hangs trying to execute the SystemClock_Config() call.

What am I missing?