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STemwin: activate touch button with extern button

Question asked by fetzer.marcel on Apr 28, 2016
Latest reply on May 9, 2016 by fetzer.marcel
Hey community,

I am using StemWin 5.28 on the STM32f429 DISC1 board.

I created a Windows with the GUIBuilder. This windows contains a button with the text "start". If I press the button something should happen. This is not the problem. If I press the button the function I implemented runs.

But now I want to activate this button with an extern button to. I connected an extern button to an I/O-Pin. Reading the button is no problem. Is the button is pressed, the MCU recognize this. If I press the extern the button, the window should get the message that this button is pressed. But I have no idea how I should implement that. The documentation of emWin is not helpfull for me.

Maybe someone can help me please?

Thanks :)